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Workshop Objectives:

The objectives of this workshop are to identify gaps in research related to the science of interoception and its role(s) in nervous system disorders, and to develop strategies and recommendations to facilitate the advancement of this area of research. This workshop will bring together expertise from diverse fields including basic neuroscience, psychology, physiology, and clinical research to deliberate two important dynamic connections – the connections between the brain and body and the connections between basic research and human/clinical research. The primary focus areas for the workshop include: the neural circuitry underlying the dynamic interactions between the central and peripheral nervous systems; interoceptive processes in associated diseases and disorders; effect of modulating interoceptive processes for potential interventions/therapies; and development of technologies and methodologies to enhance interoceptive research.

Workshop Planning Committee Members:

Chen, Wen (NIH/NCCIH) (;
Schloesser, Dana (NIH/OD) (;
Arensdorf, Angela (NIH/OD) (;
Simmons, Janine (NIH/NIMH) (;
St Hillaire-Clarke, Coryse (NIH/NIA) (;
Nielsen, Lisbeth (NIH/NIA) (;
Cui, Changhai (NIH/NIAAA) (;
Valentino, Rita (NIH/NIDA) (;
Spruance, Victoria (NIH/NIDDK) (;
Gnadt, Jim (NIH/NINDS) (;
Green, Paige (NIH/NCI) (;
Vallejo, Yolanda (NIH/NIDCR) (;
Oshinsky, Michael (NIH/NINDS) (;
Horowitz, Todd (NIH/NCI) (;
Garvey, Marjorie (NIH/NIMH) (;

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April 16, 2019

April 17, 2019