One goal of Healthcare Delivery Research Program (HDRP) is to is to advance observational and intervention research on structural, organizational, social, and behavioral factors that influence the delivery of cancer care—from early detection through end of life. A major academic focus of Health Systems and Interventions Research Branch (HSIRB) is to understand multilevel factors that influence patient care across the cancer care continuum. The characteristics of healthcare organizations, their structure, integration, incentives, culture and the environment in which they operate is of particular interest because of the organization’s influence on the quality of healthcare patients receive. Yet, little is known about the specific characteristics of healthcare organizations that makes them more effective in delivering high quality patient care. This is in part because much has changed within healthcare organizations due to recent innovations and new models of patient care.


The purpose of the meeting is to review the state-of-science on the study of healthcare organizations as applied to cancer care delivery. This workshop will bring together scientific leaders in health services research, practicing clinicians, and researchers to offer comprehensive insight into future research directions. The results will inform HSIRB’s strategic planning and help identify research gaps, which, in turn, directly supports our mission to advance the evidence-based practice of healthcare delivery.